GB WhatsApp Pro APK (Latest Version) Download 2024

GB WhatsApp has become one of the most popular modded versions of the Official WhatsApp App. This modified version unlocks many new thousands plus features and customization options that the original WhatsApp does not offer.

GB Whatsapp Pro APK Download
GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download

On this page, we descusion you about the GBWhatsApp APK its key features, benefits, installation process, troubleshooting tips, fixes, and How to Download GB WhatsApp Pro APK many more.

Additionally, we’ll conduct a thorough comparison between GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Messenger, shedding light on the nuances that set them apart.

What is GB WhatsApp PRO

GB WhatsApp Pro is a popular modified version of the official WhatsApp messenger, but GBWhatsApp APK is magical as a game-changer for Android smartphone users because It is always free to use.

GB WhatsApp Pro is based on the open-source code of WhatsApp and adds many new features that are not available in the official version.

It offers many additional features and customization options compared to the original WhatsApp.

Some of the key advantages of GB WhatsApp Pro include:

  • Increased privacy and security with hidden chats and messages
  • Ability to customize themes and launchers
  • Additional media-sharing options and tweaks
  • Enhanced group chat features and controls
  • Ability to schedule messages and auto-replies
  • Password protection and app locking
  • Dual WhatsApp support on one device

Overall, GB WhatsApp Pro aims to provide a good enhanced messaging experience with more flexibility and control compared to the official WhatsApp app.

Why Use GB WhatsApp Pro

GB WhatsApp Pro does not have any specific reasons to use but we say in summary, that GB WhatsApp Pro massively improves and adds good quality pro features compared to the official WhatsApp.

In the table, we shared all the popular features names of why people use GB Whatsapp Pro on devices.

BluetickDouble Tick
Being OnlineTyping Status
Recording StatusMicrophone Settings
Auto ReplySave Status
Fingerprint LockScheduling Messages
Anti-ban ServiceDND Mode
Themes & FontsIcon Change
Disable CallPro Quality

So this type of pro features makes amazing GB WhatsApp, The cool extras and customization options make it highly popular worldwide.

GB WhatsApp Pro Features

Now, let’s delve deeper into the myriad of impressive features that have elevated GBWhatsApp Pro to the status of a beloved modded messaging app among a vast user base.

Here are some of the key features and advantages of GB WhatsApp Pro compared to the normal GB WhatsApp:

No Ads

Say goodbye to irritating ads on GB WhatsApp Pro, and enjoy seamless ad-free messaging. GB WhatsApp Pro has zero ads or sponsorships you can Chat freely without annoying ad interruptions.

The pro version has no annoying ads while using the app. The free version contains some ads.

Advanced Themes

Additional high-quality themes, chat bubbles, and interface customization options.

Personalize your WhatsApp to look just the way you want. GB WhatsApp Pro offers hundreds of themes, chat bubbles, icon sets, menus, backgrounds, and more for customization.

Seamless Status Media Downloads

Unlocking another level of convenience, this app allows you to smoothly download pictures and videos from the status shared by your contacts.

Increased Media Limit

GBWhatsApp Pro allows sending files and media up to 100MB, higher than 50MB on normal.

Share photos, and videos up to 100+MB in size instead of just 16MB on official WhatsApp you can Send media in original quality without compression.

Hide Status

It also provides you with the facility to hide everything if you don’t want to share your status like videos, photos, recordings, Castle App, Pikashow App, Xender App, and links with your friends, colleagues, and neighbours.

Advanced Stickers

Spice up chats with 10,000+ cool stickers unlocked in GB WhatsApp Pro. Liven up your conversations, in this access to more customized stickers and emojis from external sources.

Express yourself with trendy 3D stickers and custom sticker packs. The sticker store is always updated with new options.

Multi-Language Support

GBWA Pro is available in over 45+ languages for a global user base.

Use GB WhatsApp Pro in your language, GB WhatsApp Pro supports 45+ languages including English, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish, and adding some more languages in the Latest GB WhatsApp Pro Update.

Anti-Ban Enabled

Additional mods and tricks to reduce the risk of getting banned when using GBWhatsApp.

Don’t worry about your account getting banned. Use GB WhatsApp Pro securely thanks to its advanced anti-ban system, you can feel secure knowing your account stays safe from bans.

GB WhatsApp Pro uses advanced anti-ban technology and encryption.

Frequent Updates

The pro version gets more frequent bug fixes and version updates compared to free.

The developer team frequently rolls out updates with new features, improvements, and bug fixes, so you have to always stay on the latest version.

Premium Support

Priority customer support via email for any issues faced while using the mod.

Friendly customer assistance is available in case you need any help with set up or use of this Ask your queries for a quick resolution.

GB Whatsapp Pro gives you friendly customer support and is available 24/7 to resolve issues/errors.

Unlock Hidden Features

Gain access to dual apps, online status hiding, message scheduling, and other cool features hidden in official WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp Pro opens up many experimental capabilities, but some features like video call encryption are only enabled on the pro version.

Lifetime Validity

Once purchased, you can use GBWhatsApp Pro forever without renewal needed, and Once installed, there are no license fees or charges you have to pay.

Enjoy lifetime access to all premium features.

Safe & Secure

No risk of data breach or malware since all files are fully scanned before release.

Your chats and data remain safe while using a trusted GB WhatsApp Pro Latest Version on their side It has all security protocols in place.

For more safety & security you also get tools like – chat lock and passcode protection for extra security.

Overall, the pro version takes the user experience to the next level with additional features, frequent updates, safety, and support. But the free version is also excellent for most users.

How To Download GBWhatsApp Pro 2024

GB WhatsApp Download process is very easy you can download easily from the website.

This is the straightforward way you can Download GB WhatsApp Pro for Android and IOS devices It runs easily low variant devices you can use it for free.

Here are the steps to Download GB WhatsApp Pro on Android devices:

  • Go to the website on your Android device’s browser UC Browser & UC Mini.
  • Scroll down and click on the “Download” button.
  • Again go to the Downloads page, scroll & tap on the Download GB WhatsApp Pro APK file.
  • Once the download completes, open your File Manager app and go to the Downloads folder, Tap on the GB WhatsApp Pro APK file.

This way you can Download GB WhatsApp Pro APK File on your devices.

How to Install GBWhatsApp Pro

Here are the detailed steps to safely install GBWhatsApp Pro on your Android device:

  • Download the APK only from the website, Do not use any other sources or links.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” in Settings > Security to allow installing third-party APKs.
  • Go to the Download folder in File Manager and tap on the GBWhatsApp Pro APK file.
  • Click on Install on the confirmation popup and accept all app permissions.
  • On the first launch, the app will ask to verify your phone number with an OTP.
  • It will then automatically detect your existing WhatsApp data and import it.
  • Go through the GBWhatsApp setup guide choosing language, theme and other preferences.
  • Customize the available Settings like media size, privacy, and notifications as per your choice.
  • Add fingerprint lock or app lock password for additional Security if needed.
  • The app may show some ads on the first launch, But they will disappear after a day on the Pro version.
  • Keep the app updated whenever a New version is available for the latest features.
  • Optionally take a backup on an external SD card or Google Drive for chat history safety.
  • Enjoy using the Pro version with all advanced features and zero ads experience!

That’s it! GB WhatsApp Pro will be ready to use on your Android device.

Most, Download from an official source, install and verify the number carefully, customize settings as needed, use app lock and backups for security, and update regularly.

Unfortunately, it is not available on iOS due to Apple’s restrictions on third-party app installs. There are no safe methods to install it on iPhone or iPad as of now.

GB WhatsApp Latest Version Download

On the website, many old and new different versions are available but you have to use Download GB WhatsApp Latest Version APK.

GB Whatsapp Icon
GB WhatsApp Pro
App NameGBWhatsapp Pro
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Hour Ago
Software CategoryAPP
Size48.9 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.1+
Root RequirementNon Root
Total Downloads4,499,999+
RATING4.9 ( 420,805 ratings )

How to Update GBWhatsApp

The process is very simple and GBWhatsApp takes care of updates seamlessly in the background. Keeping the mod on the latest version minimizes bugs or issues.

Here is a simplified guide on How to update GBWhatsApp to the latest version.

  1. Open GBWhatsApp > More Options > GB Settings
  2. Tap “Check for Updates”
  3. If a new update is available, tap “Download Update”
  4. Open File Manager > Downloads
  5. Tap the GBWhatsApp APK file
  6. Click Install on the popup
  7. Updated app will open automatically
  8. Version will show latest in About section

Here are given some screenshots for your help How to Update GB WhatsApp Pro App…

GB WhatApp Pro App Download
GB WhatApp Pro App Download

In short way:

  • Check for update in GB Settings
  • Download APK file
  • Open and install the downloaded APK
  • App will update to latest version

This way you can easily update to the latest GBWhatsApp version whenever new updates are released to get bug fixes, new features, and enhancements.

That’s it! Whenever GBWhatsApp releases new updates, you will get a notification within the app.

Finally, you have to follow the above steps to easily update it to the latest version and enjoy the new features.

Fix GB WhatsApp log in Problem (Anti -Ban)

Fix the GB WhatsApp login problem error (You need the official WhatsApp to log in), which is a common issue showing on your device mainly this issue is providing pop-up on your screen you need the official WhatsApp to log in this type.

Official WhatsApp day-by-day updates, and changing rules of privacy policy and security every day.

Now recently WhatsApp has tried to ban its alternative copying and third-party apps which are also providing login problems in GB WhatsApp.

If you don’t mind watch the YouTube video for the best help & fixes…!

Solved – You need the official WhatsApp to log in

That is a common problem and not for all people’s devices but it was happening only on some people’s devices now there is no need to worry because this Log in GB WhatsApp Problem Solved.

You need the official WhatsApp to log in issue is resolved now! if you want to use again GB Whatsapp? Let’s get used without any problem Download the Newest Version of Whatsapp GB (ANTI-BAN).

Here Is GB WhatsApp (ANTI-BAN) Link…!

Screenshots – GBWhatsApp Pro

Here we describe GBWhatsApp Pro Features, Install, Setups, and many more Photos and Screenshots provided your helps.

GB Whatsapp Pro Download
GB Whatsapp Pro Download
GB Whatsapp Pro Download
GB Whatsapp Pro Download
GB Whatsapp Pro Download
GB Whatsapp Pro Download
GB Whatsapp Pro Download
GB Whatsapp Pro Download
GB Whatsapp Pro Download
GB Whatsapp Pro Download
GB Whatsapp Pro Download
GB Whatsapp Pro Download
GB Whatsapp Pro Download

Alternative GBWhatsApp Pro

If you don’t know the best alternative mods to GBWhatsApp Pro Here are some of the top popular alternative mods to GBWhatsApp Pro with similar features.

YOWhatsApp – Popular mod with custom themes, increased limits, and privacy controls with Freely customizable.

FMWhatsApp – Feature-rich mod with in-built FM themes, DND mode, app lock Frequent updates.

WhatsApp Plus – One of the oldest mods with chat hiding, online toasting, and privacy settings.

NSWhatsApp – Lightweight mod focused on performance, stability, and Clean interface.

WA Tweaker – Allows tweaking WhatsApp elements like fonts, layouts, colors, etc good Heavily customizable.

SWWhatsApp – Fast and smooth mod suitable for older Android versions and Light on resources.

YoMods WhatsApp – Mod by YoMods team having backups, scheduler, always online, etc.

OGWhatsApp – OG-themed UI, advanced features, and regular updates by developers.

RMWhatsApp – Ad-free, stripped-down version focused on custom styles and chats experience.

WhatsAppMA – Newer mod with auto-reply, inbox cleaner, night mode, and other utilities.

These provide features similar to GBWhatsApp Pro like theming, customizations, higher limits, and enhanced control. Try them out if you want an alternative modded WhatsApp experience.

Comparison GBWhatsApp Pro Vs Official WhatsApp

Here is a comparison of the key features between GBWhatsApp Pro and the official WhatsApp.


  • GBWhatsApp Pro has 100+ themes, customizable chat bubbles, fonts etc. Extensive customization options.
  • Official WhatsApp has minimal customization – only chat wallpapers and a few colours can be changed.


  • GBWhatsApp Pro has a message scheduler, auto-reply, inbox cleaner and many more additional features.
  • Official WhatsApp offers only default messaging features.


  • GBWhatsApp Pro allows hiding last seen, blue ticks, online status, and even hiding full chats.
  • WhatsApp has limited privacy controls, only hiding last seen and profile photos.

Media Sharing

  • GBWhatsApp Pro increases the media sharing limit to 100MB.
  • WhatsApp restricts media sharing to just 16MB.


  • GBWhatsApp Pro offers an in-built app lock via password, pattern or fingerprint.
  • WhatsApp does not have app locking capability.


  • WhatsApp allows syncing chats across different devices.
  • GBWhatsApp Pro lacks multi-device chat sync.

Ban Risk

  • A slight risk of a ban exists when using third-party mods like GBWhatsApp Pro.
  • Official WhatsApp is 100% safe, no risk of ban.

Overall, GBWhatsApp Pro provides significantly more customization options, features and privacy control but lacks native multi-device support compared to the official WhatsApp.

GB GBWhatsApp: Pros & Cons

Here is a listed GB GB WhatsApp Pros & Cons…!


  • Unlocks many useful features not available on stock WhatsApp
  • Increased media sharing limit up to 50MB
  • Extra privacy controls for online status, blue ticks etc.
  • Highly customizable with themes, launchers, bubbles and more
  • Schedule messages, auto-reply, lock chats and other advanced messaging features
  • Safe to use with anti-ban protection
  • Lightweight and fast performance
  • Regular updates with new features
  • Free to download and use (no ads or fees)


  • Not officially affiliated with WhatsApp
  • Requires manual updates since it cannot be updated via the Play Store
  • Backups aren’t compatible with official WhatsApp
  • Some users may find the extra features overwhelming initially
  • Potential risks if downloaded from unknown or untrusted sources
  • Possibility of some bugs or issues since the modded version

FAQ – GBWhatsApp Pro

Is GBWhatsApp safe to use?

GBWhatsApp is considered relatively safe if downloaded from trusted sources. But being a third-party mod, some risk is involved.

Is GBWhatsApp Pro Available for iPhone?

No, GBWhatsApp’s Pro current version is only available for Android Smartphones.

Can I use WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp simultaneously?

Yes, dual WhatsApp support allows you to use two different WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

How do I download GBWhatsApp Pro?

Go to and download the latest version APK. Install it after enabling Unknown Sources in Android settings.

How to update GBWhatsApp to the latest version?

Go to GB Settings > Check for Updates within the app. If an update is available, download it and install the latest APK file over your current installation.

Is root required to install GBWhatsApp?

No, GBWhatsApp works perfectly on non-rooted Android devices in this app root access is not needed.

Is my chat data secure on GBWhatsApp?

Yes, your chats and calls remain end-to-end encrypted like on the official WhatsApp for security.

How to Fix You need the official WhatsApp to log-in?

That is not big issue you need to Fix GB WhatsApp login Problem error, and Fix my You need the official WhatsApp to log-in everything both are same problem, for Fix permanently to Download GB WhatsApp’s newest version.


GBWhatsApp Pro is one of the most feature-packed mods platforms that drastically improves the WhatsApp experience.

That unlocks tons of cool customizations and extra features that the regular WhatsApp members.

100+ million users have been using GB WhatsApp Pro and similar mods for years without facing any issues.

If you are not using GB WhatsApp Pro then definitely try one time and then use the all features in their app, because it’s provided free for everybody, so you can Download GB WhatsApp Pro Latest Version.

Disclaimer has no direct or indirect relation with WhatsApp or Meta Platforms, Inc. in any way. GBWhatsApp Pro is a modified version of WhatsApp that is available on the internet. is an independent website that provides downloads of GBWhatsApp Pro, but we have no affiliation with the developers of GBWhatsApp Pro.

Use of modified or unofficial versions of WhatsApp, such as GBWhatsApp Pro, is at the individual’s own choice. WhatsApp and Meta Platforms, Inc. do not endorse or support unofficial modifications of their application. and its owners do not accept responsibility for issues arising from the use of any third-party modded apps. Please proceed with caution and use at your own discretion.